Banana Cultures Agriculture Consumption And Environmental Change In Honduras And The United States Free Books

Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption, And ...
Contrary To What Has Commonly Been Assumed, The Expansion And Vertical Integration Of U.S. Fruit Companies In Honduras Did Not Precipi-tate A Rapid Decline In The Number Of Small-scale Banana Growers. Jun 2th, 2020

Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption, And ...
Chap. 3 In Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption, And Environmental Change In Honduras And The United States. Austin: University Of Texas Press, 2005. Bananas, The Most Frequently Consumed Fresh Fruit In The United States, Have Been Linked To Miss Chiquita And Carmen Miranda, “banana Republics,” And Banana Republic Clothing Stores—everything From Exotic Kitsch, To Third World ... May 5th, 2020

Soluri, John. Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption ...
Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption, And Environmental Change In Honduras And The United States. Austin: University Of Texas Press, 2005, 321 Pp. El Debate Sobre Las Bananeras Se Ha Centrado Generalmente En Posiciones Extremas Entre Los Teóricos De La Modernización, Que Veían El Arribo Del Capital Y La Tecnología A América Latina Como Necesario Para Cambiar Las Formas De Vida Y Las ... Apr 12th, 2020

Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption, And Environmental Change In Honduras And The United States Author John Soluri Original Book Format Paperback Number Of Pages 321 Pages Filetype PDF / EPUB / Mobi (Kindle) Filesize 7.84 MB Click The Button Below To Save Or Get Access And Read The Book Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption, And Environmental Change In Honduras And The United States ... Sep 9th, 2020

C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E - CSU, Chico
A Review Of “Banana: The Fate Of The Fruit That Changed The World; Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption And Environmental Change In Honduras And The United States; Banana Wars: Power, Production And History In The Americas”. Food And Foodways 16 (3): 244-258. 2006 Loker, W. Comments On Cernea: Keeping Agriculture In Anthropology ... Aug 4th, 2020

English Banana - My English Classes
Big Grammar Book English Banana 2003 40. English Essential English Ordinals 2 - The Alphabet Complete The Sentences Using An Ordinal, For Example, ‘first’, ‘second’, Etc. 1. A Is The _____ Letter Of The Alphabet. 2. Feb 4th, 2020

[Book] Basic English Grammar Second Edition Answer Key
Big Grammar Book - English Banana 106 20 Basic English Phrasal Verbs – Mixed Tenses 1 107 20 Basic English Phrasal Verbs – Mixed Tenses 2 108 Complete The Sentences 1 109 Complete The Sentences 2 110 Complete The Sentences 3 111 Complete The Sentences 4 112 Big Grammar Book 2 – Big Quiz! 114 Answers To Worksheets And Notes For Use English Grammar : A University Course ENGLISH GRAMMAR ... Aug 1th, 2020

Source: Bn Battuta In Black Africa, D. Hamdun And King, Pp ...
Source: Ibn Battuta In Black Africa, Ed. Hamdun And King, Pp 15­25. (1329 Or 1331) ... Placed On A Large Wooden Dish. They Put On Top Dishes Of Kushan ­­that Is The Relish, Of Chicken And Meat And Fish And Vegetables. They Cook Banana Before It Is Ripe In Fresh [coconut?] Milk And They Put It On A Dish, And They Put Sour Milk In A Dish With Pickled Lemon On It And Bunches Of Pickled ... Sep 9th, 2020

K-2 Lesson 1 FINAL
Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes By Joanna Cole (book) Musical Exploration Use Musical Examples Provided Below Or Select Other Appropriate Examples For The Students (audio Recordings Of Music) Hoedown (video) Symphony No. 94, Movement 2 (video) Pictures At An Exhibition - Baba Yaga (video) Canarinho Da Alemanha (video) ... Aug 2th, 2020

Absolute Beginners - Onestopenglish
Language Objectives: Active: What’s His / Her Name?, Where Does He / She Come From ... Reading, Listening, Writing Materials: Unit 4: One Copy Of The Worksheet Per Student; One Set Of Flashcards (APPLE, BANANA, SANDWICH, BISCUIT); One Map Of The World Or Globe; Materials From Unit 3: One Copy Of The Lower-case Alphabet Formation Sheet, One Copy Of One Set Of Flashcards (TEA, COFFEE, WATER ... Jul 10th, 2020

Texas 4-H Leadership
Activity 3: Finding Your Leadership Style: What Kind Of Fruit Are You? • Prior To The Activity, Hang Up Four Signs Around The Room; Each One With One Of The Following Fruits: Grape, Orange, Banana, And Melon. • Begin With General Discussion In The Group Asking The Following Questions One At A Time. Another Option Would Be To Write The Questions On The Board (or Project Onto The Screen) And ... Sep 12th, 2020

TOPS® 28 Day Meal Planner For Members Day 22
TOPS® 28 Day Meal Planner For Members – Day 22 . Breakfast 2 Toaster Waffles, 4-in. Across ¼ C. Ricotta Cheese, Low-fat 1 T. Jam Or Jelly, Light ½ Medium Banana 6 Almonds, Sliced Or Crushed Mix Jam Or Jelly With Ricotta Cheese And Spread . Evenly Over Two Waffles. Top With Sliced Banana And Almonds. Nutritional Analysis: 410 Calories (161 From Fat), 15 G Total Fat (3 G Saturated Fat), 24 ... Feb 3th, 2020

UltraLean Strawberry Banana
UltraLean Functional Foods Are Designed To Be Safe And Effective.* UltraLean Strawberry Banana Provides Nutrients For Science-based Weight Loss And Blood Sugar Stability. It Is A High-protein, Low-carbohydrate, Low-fat, Multivitamin/mineral, Specialty Nutrient Beverage That Can Be Used Long Term With A Balanced Diet And Exercise Program To Achieve Your Desired Body Composition Goals.* B ... Mar 3th, 2020

Arizona Professional Writers
History; Banana River: Sea Stories And War Diaries From A World War II Navy Base • Patricia Myers: Third Place Winner, Category 8C, Feature Story, Online Publication; “Chapito” Chavarria’s 100th Birthday Celebration At The Musical Instrument Museum • Brenda Kimsey Warneka: Second Place Winner, Category 11C, Columns Informational (How To, Q&A, Advice); Writing And The Law: Photography ... Jan 5th, 2020

Book 1 Notes -
1 Book 1 Notes: 2 Book 2 Notes: 3 New Words Used In Reader 2: (22 Words. All The Words From Book 1 Are Also Used In This Book.) Nouns Apple Ball Banana Book He Ice-cream It Orange She They This Verbs Are Has (to) Play Adjectives Big Small Other An Goodbye Not The What With. 4 Book 3 Notes: 5. 6 New Word: He. 7 New Word: He. 8 See All The Books. 9 A Gentle Reminder To Continue To The Next Book ... Sep 8th, 2020

Resistant Starch In Micronesian Banana Cultivars Offers ...
Starch Granules Are Generally 30% Amylose And 70% Amylopectin, And Banana Starch Granules Are Known To Contain Similar Levels (Torre-Gutierrez Et Al., 2007). Studies By Berry (1986) And Englyst Et ... Jul 7th, 2020

Banana Boat Song -
Banana Boat Song TJamaican Folk Song, C. 1950, Writer Unknown T(as Sung By Harry Belafonte) TFJ T(Sing F) T F C7 F TChorus: Day-o, Day-ay-ay-o, Daylight Come An' Me Wan’ Go Home T F F C7 F ... Sep 7th, 2020

R O D Fax: A J A BAGI TRANS Doo, Adrani 199b36000 KRALJEVO
Polovni Delovi Diferencijali Reduktori Pumpe Motori Ostalo BENATI 3.08 1993 God. Bager Tockas 8.5 Tona, Banana Ruka,jako Dobro Ocuvan 6760 Sati 13.520 EUR+pdv BOBCAT 319 T Mini Bager 1400 Kg,na Stanju Siri I Skuplja Gusenice,prikljuc. Za Cekic !!!NOVO!!! 18.900 EUR+pdv JCB 8052 Kabina 2004 Mini Bager 5200 Kg, Raonik, May 3th, 2020

Sour Cream Pound Cake Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cake
Sour Cream Pound Cake Teff Cacao Peanut Butter Mini Muffins Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cake Lemon Chia Pancakes Crepes With Apple Filling Banana Bread Scones Chocolate Chia Waffles Raspberry Toaster Pastries Almond Flour Blueberry Pancakes Mulberry Chia Pancakes Gluten-Free And Vegan Waffles Chocolate Cherry Scones Apple Raisin Pancakes Millet Breakfast Porridge Cinnamon Pancakes Buckwheat ... Sep 4th, 2020

Instruction Booklet
3 Banana Pecan Crumb Muffins These Muffins Are A Great Way To Use Over-ripe Bananas. Makes 6 Large Muffins Cooking Spray Crumb Topping: ¼ Cup Unbleached, All-purpose Flour Jun 6th, 2020

Fruit & Veg World
The Essential Magazine For People In The Fresh Produce Trade Chinas’ Banana Dilemma Urban Report Making Wine It May Be One Of The World’s Biggest Growers Of The Yellow Fruit, But China Exports Few Bananas While Imports Remain High Cuba And Hong Kong Offer Studies In Contrast In Their Apporach To Urban Farming A New Zealand Farm Bucks The Trend And Is Identifying Wine By Where It’s Grown ... Jul 11th, 2020

Para Preparar Com A Turminha EM Casa
Acrescentar 1 Colher (sopa) Das Frutas Picadas Em Cada Potinho. Colocar Por 5 Minutos Na Geladeira E Servir Em Seguida. Rendimento: 4 Porções Combina Com 1/2 Pão Francês Integral + 1 Colher (sopa) De Requeijão Cremoso Alegria A Toda Prova! A Banana Nanica é Rica Em Triptofano, Um Aminoácido Que Ajuda Na Produção Da Serotonina, Substância Que Melhora O Humor. A Receita Ainda Tem Aveia ... Aug 9th, 2020

9 - FOOD ENQUIRY Capacité Répondre à Des Questions Et En Poser Sur Des Besoins Immédiats Pré Requis Formulations : Do You Like… ( Pear And Apple)? Yes, I Do/No, I Don’t I Like… (tomato And Plums) Lexique : Food : Apple Banana Carr Ot Pumpkins Lettuce Apricot Cherries Kiwi Pineapple Strawberry Pear Mushroom Connaissances Grammaticales LIKE E+ Forme Interrogative 2 Personne Consignes ... Apr 7th, 2020

9 - Food Enquiry
9 - FOOD ENQUIRY Capacité Répondre à Des Questions Et En Poser Sur Des Besoins Immédiats Pré Requis • Formulations : Do You Like… (pears And Apples)? Yes, I Do/No, I Don’t I Like… (tomatoes And Plums) • Lexique : Food : Apple Banana Carrot Pumpkin Plums Apricot Cherries Kiwi Pineapple Tomato Pear Mushroom Connaissances Jun 10th, 2020

FRENCH TOAST 68k Caramelised Baby Ambon Banana, Poached Tamarillo, Bacon, Maple Syrup RICOTTA PANCAKES 68k Kim Soo Honeycomb Butter, Baby Ambon Banana, Maple Syrup BREAD PLATE 39k Toasted FARINE Classic Sourdough, Dark Rye Or Bagel, Butter, With Your Choice Of Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Fig Jam, Peanut Butter, Vegemite AVOCADO SMASH 68k FARINE Classic Sourdough, Soft ... Jun 3th, 2020

Thankfulness - Mill Springs Academy
Wilkes Answered The Numerous Questions The Students Asked About A Variety Of Science Topics. For The 8th Graders, He Used Physics As He Hammered A Nail Into A Log Using A Banana That Had Been Frozen With Liquid Nitrogen (pictured). Bragging Rights Very Good, But From: Brittany – Librarian To: Margaret – Middle School Principal Feb 6th, 2020

With Other Offers Or Coupons, Including Gap Inc. Employee Discount. Cashiers Use Coupon Code: COUPON30. NOVEMBER 12 & 13 ONLY ONE BIG OFFER. TWO GREAT BRANDS. 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE* TO REDEEM, PRINT THIS EMAIL AND BRING IT IN STORE TAKE AN ADDITIONAL *Not Valid At Gap, Banana Republic, Or Online. One Per Customer. Coupon Must Be Surrendered After Each Offer Has Been Redeemed. *Offer ... Jun 7th, 2020

AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-M50 The ‘rotator Cuffs’ On These New Audio-Technica Headphones Are Certainly In Better Shape Than My Right Shoulder; I Always Curse The Fact That I Ever Learnt To Throw A Grid Iron Football – I Can’t Even Throw A Banana Peel In The Compost Bin From 10 Feet Away These Days! The M50s Sport The Same 180º Rotating Earpiece Jul 4th, 2020

Scéenario & Dessins Christian Zanier - Tabou Editions
Christian Zanier Vit à Toronto. Enfant Des Comics, C’est Un Jeune Dessinateur Qui A Produit Le Dessin Des Séries Buffy, Ghost Et Angel. Mais C’est Avec La Saga Banana Games, Qui Fait Un Tabac Au Pays Du Hamburger, Qu'il Donna La Mesure De Son Talent. À La Question: Jul 11th, 2020

Current All Day Menu
CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA 24 Roasted Garlic Naan, Cauli?ower, Chickpeas, Tomato, Jasmine Rice, Coconut Milk, Cilantro F ... *all Kids Menu Options Include Milk Or A Fountain Soft Drink SWEET TREATS FROZEN LEMONADE CUP 4 DOVE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM BAR 4 DESSERT CHOCOLATE POT DE CREME 8 Bourbon Cherries, White Chocolate Crunch BANANA BREAD PUDDING 8 Candied Peanuts, Sara's Salted Caramel Gelato KEY ... May 10th, 2020

From A Tarantula On A Banana Boat To A Canary In A Mine ...
Magazine Was Largely A Group Of Manhattan Publishing Insiders Who Erro Neously Claimed For Themselves The Struggle And Victories Of Second-wave Feminism. This Is A Point That Alice Walker, Susan Brownmiller, And Vivian Gornick Refer To In Their Few Critical Remarks In Pogrebin's Oral His Tory (pp. 104-05). This Question Of Whether Ms. Magazine, As The First Commercial, Feminist Magazine In ... Mar 8th, 2020

Collections Grade 6 Standards Trace CCSS In Collection 1
Hurricane By Rita Williams-Garcia Analyze Structure RL 5 None None POEM Analyze Structure RL 5 None None . Collections Grade 6 Standards Trace 6 Watcher: After Katrina, 2005 By Natasha D. Trethewey Compare Texts Determine Meanings Of Words And Phrases RL 4 Compare And Contrast Poetic Forms RL 9 Writing Activity: Poem W 3d N/a N/a SHORT STORY The Banana Tree By James Berry Determine Meanings ... Feb 3th, 2020

Suggested Authors, Titles, And Series
Christopher, Matt Sports Readers Series (NA) Preller, James The Case Of The Spooky Sleepover… (M) Conford, Ellen Jenny Archer And Annabelle The Actress Series (M) Risso, Anica Mrose Anna Banana Series (P) Cooper, Ilene Stepping Stone And Road To Reading Series (A-T) ... May 3th, 2020

Banana Cupcakes $3 Chicken Taquitos $6 ... - Project Feast
Profit, Project Feast. The Café Gives Our Apprentices Real Life Experience To Learn And Cultivate Their Culinary And Customer Service Skills. Apprentices Also Gain Leadership Skills And Support In Their Job Search Upon Graduation. We Are Excited To Welcome Jessica, Maria, And Mustafa (and Share Their Delicious Recipes)! May 8th, 2020

355 Artisan Way, Somerville, MA 02145 AMENITIES 617.440 ...
Banana Republic Factory Store. 15% Off Your Purchase Of $100 Or More Not Valid At Banana Republic Stores Or Online. Coupon Is Good For One Time Use Only And Must Be Redeemed At Time Of Purchase. Limit One Discount Per Customer Per Transaction. Qualifying Amount Applies To Merchandise Only, Not Value Of Packaging Or Applicable Taxes. Cannot Be Combined With Other Coupons Or Offers, Including ... Jan 6th, 2020

Oishii Menu (1) - The Lembongan Traveller
COFFEE AND TEA Expreso 20 K Long Black 25 K Cappucino 35 K Coffee Late 40 K Bali Coffee 15 K Nescafee Coffee 20 K Hot Tea 20 K ... OISHII MOJITO 85 K (Bacardi, Lime Juice, Watermelon, Strawberry,sugar, Soda Water On Top) PINACOLADA 85 K (Bacardi, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk, Coconut Liqiur, Sugar Syrup) BANANA RAMA 85 K (Kahlua, Baileys,fresh Banana,milk, Sugar Syrup ) COSMOPOLITAN 85 K ... Mar 1th, 2020

DRAFT PROJECT PROPOSAL Development Of The World Banana
The Project Will Support The Development Of The World Banana Forum Which Was Established By Representatives Of The Sector’s Stakeholders At An International Conference Held At FAO Headquarters In December 2009. The Forum Provides A Space Where All These Actors, Governments, Researchers And Organizations Of Civil Society Can Discuss The Various Problems Facing The Banana Sector And Work ... Jul 10th, 2020

Banana Industry In Malaysia -
Banana Fiber Quality Of Products Philippines, India Low Cost Fiber Extractors But Is Not Main Industry Low-cost Fiber Extractor From India. 7 SWOT Strengths Produce 6.4 Million Tonnes Of Banana By-product Of Banana Fruit Cultivation (can Get Cheap) Weaknesses Not Much Expertise As Yet In Malaysia For Banana Fiber Extraction No Patent Held By Malaysia On Banana Fiber Opportunities Mainly Use ... Apr 3th, 2020

Development Of New Products With Banana Fiber
¦) %Ê'2 )Ä)T(ò ¦>& Â ¼ ¼)Ä)T>' _ | 0 0è 8%Ê'2 7#ã 1 í 0Y M Development Of New Products With Banana Fiber Makoto UTADA And Shinichi KASAI Sep 2th, 2020

Banana Fibers – Variability And Fracture Behaviour
Banana Fiber, A Ligno-cellulosic Fiber, Obtained From The Pseudo-stem Of Banana Plant (Musa Sepientum), Is A Bast Fiber With Relatively Good Mechanical Properties. The ‘‘pseudo-stem’’ Is A Clustered, Cylindrical Aggregation Of Leaf Stalk Bases. Banana Fiber At Present Is A Waste Product Of Banana Cultivation And Either Not Properly Utilized Or Partially Done So. The Extraction Of Fiber ... Apr 12th, 2020

Best Ever Recipes Slimming World
- Best Slimming World Recipes Slimming World Sw Recipe: Mushroom Pizza Pasty Ingredients 1/2 Of A 500g Bag Wholemeal Bread Mix (250g) 4 Portobello Mushrooms, Finely Chopped 2 Cloves Garlic, Finely Chopped Oil Spray Slimming Eats Top 15 Most Popular Slimming World Recipes Slimming Eats Top 15 Most Popular Slimming World Recipes Of 2017 #15. Banana Baked Oatmeal – (3k Shares – 5 Apr 7th, 2020

Short I & I E Worksheet Pack - The Measured Mom
Short I & I-e Words 1. I Have A Rag To Up The Mess 2. I Can Fly A In The Sky 3. We Like To Eat For Dinner 4. My Car Has A Flat 5. You Can Cook Hot Dogs Over A 6. The Green Banana Is Not Yet. 7. I Like To Ride My 8. I Can Take A Out Of The Apple 9. A Pumpkin Grows On A 10. Do You Want To Play And Seek? 11. We Have A Tall Tree In Our Yard 12. He ... Jan 7th, 2020

English Balbharati 2. UNIT - I
English Balbharati - Std. I 3 4 English Balbharati - Std. I. Homework 1. (1) Table (2) Chalk (3) Chair (4) Duster (5) Door (6) Ch Art (7) Bench (8) Dustbin (9) Blackboard (10) Cupboard Topic 3 : Colours Classwork 1. [To Be Done By Student With Teacher Help.] 2. (1) Trees(2) Silk (3) Sky 3. (1) Grass(2) Sky (3) Banana (4) Apple (5) Flower (6) Carrot(7) Pigeon (8) Grapes Homework 1. Violet ... Aug 1th, 2020

Rare Opportunity In Prominent Southwest Florida Outlet Mall. Join Polo, Coach, Nike, Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, And Many More. Along Primary Roadway To Fort Myers / Sanibel Beaches 2.0+ Million Visitors Annually High Local Average Household Income LQWEST.COM/SANIBELOUTLETS LANdQwEST COmmErcIAL REAL ESTATE SErvIcES 1614 COLONIAL BOULEvArd #101, FOrT MyErS, FL 33907 TOM ... Sep 11th, 2020

Glycemic List.pdf (
Food GI Serv. Carb. / GL / GL / Glucose2 G1 Serv. 100 G Serv.3 2/32 BAKERY PRODUCTS Cakes Angel Food Cake (Loblaw’s, Toronto, Canada) 67 50 29 39 19 Banana Cake, Made With Sugar 47æ8 80 38 22 18 Banana Cake, Made Without Sugar 55æ10 80 29 20 16 Chocolate Cake Made From Packet Mix With Chocolate Frosting (Betty Crocker, General Jun 7th, 2020
Greenhouse, Aquaponics Lab And Flourishing Banana And Avocado Trees. The Students Then Took Dr. Murthy Out To See Their Outdoor Garden, Where He Participated In Lindblom’s First-ever “Eat What You Grow” Harvest. Dr. Murthy Also Answered Students’ Questions About Healthy Eating, The Dangers Of Smoking And The Importance Of Exercise ... Feb 5th, 2020

Business Name Dear REAH Families,
Productive. Stay On Top Of Things Using The Follow-ing Tips On Three Simple Ways You Can Be Productive This Summer: Strawberry Smoothie Pops (Soy & Gluten Free!) 1/2 Cup Sliced Pineapple Or Mango (or Banana) 1/2 Cup Sliced Strawberries 1/3 Cup Raw Kale Or Spinach 1/4 Cup Milk Or Yogurt Of Choice 1/4 Tsp Cinnamon 1/2 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract Sweetener Of Choice, To Taste (amount Will Depend On Jun 11th, 2020

Wash-down Designs - Melons Australia
Design Options 4 5 Design Option Two Design Option One 10 Example Of Farm Zoning . 16 Additional Points . 17. Notes 18. Biosecurity Queensland’s Panama TR4 Program Engaged Wash-down Designs To Combat Panama Disease Tropical Race 4. These Wash-down Designs Have Been Published By Biosecurity Queensland’s Panama TR4 Program To Help Banana Farmers In The Region Further Protect Themselves From ... Jan 4th, 2020

Insurance Banana Skins 2019 - PwC
The Report, Which Updates Previous Surveys In 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 And 2017, Was Conducted In March And April 2019, And Is Based On 927 Responses From 53 Territories. The Questionnaire (reproduced In The Appendix) Was In Three Parts. In The First, Respondents Were Asked To Describe, In Their Own Words, Their Main Concerns About The Sep 2th, 2020

Minimize The Material Handling Time Of Agricultural ...
Minimize The Material Handling Time Of Agricultural Finished Goods Dr. Karthikeyan S*a ... Handling In Which The Raw Materials, Finished Products Like Vegetables, Coconut, Banana, Etc Are Difficult To Transfers The Products From The Field To Outside Of The Field, The Project Approaches To Implement The Slat Chain Conveyors System In The Agriculture Field To Transfers The Materials And Products ... Jun 7th, 2020

Short Dialogues In English Pdf -
Short Funny Dialogues In English In Part 3 You Hear Five Short Dialogues Between Different Pairs Of People. There Is A.pdf File Users. Short Dialogues In English First Published In The UK By English 2011. Here Is An Example Of A Short Dialogue Using Some Of The Idioms From This Unit.Short Situational Dialogs For Students Of English As A Foreign Language. More Dialogs For Everyday ... Jun 1th, 2020

2017 15 Le Parole Del Mare -
- Banana Yoshimoto, Il Coperchio Del Mare, Milano, Feltrinelli, 2007. Racconti - Giorgio Bertone (a Cura Di), Racconti Di Vento E Di Mare, Torino, Einaudi, 2010. - Alfredo Chiappori, La Follia Del Mare – Storie Di Naufragi E Svernamenti, Milano, Mursia, 2008. - Joseph Conrad, Racconti Di Mare E Di Costa, Torino, Einaudi, 1975. Aug 11th, 2020

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